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Company owner and designer Alex Nikitin is a chief electronics engineer for famous British CREEK from 1993 to 2002 he has recently gone solo and. Kora 3T Seindd download Report Comments.

Ant Kora 3t Special Edition Mc Phonostage Upgraded Linear Psu Used For Sale Secondhand Ants Linear Upgrade

At the back are the usual input and output sockets and power socket for another wall wart power supply.

Ant audio kora 3t. Rare and perfect ANT. Phono stages Group Test. ANT Audio Kora 3T LTD.

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Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. In this months group test Tony Bolton samples. Maybe its euphonic distortion.

Those craving subtlety delicacy and ease will be delighted to hear of the arrival of the ANT Audio Kora 3T then because it offers precisely these attributes. Overall though the Icon Audio PS3 is an exceptionally good phono stage and a compulsory audition for anyone looking for one of the best. This is the one area where the PS3 is not a stellar performer and where the Kora 3T at half the price beats it roundly.

Phono stages have now been with us for over twenty years and since then the breed has gone from strength to strength. ANT Audio Kora 3T MM MC SE LTD low noise PSU 32900 27417 ex. But prospective purchasers face vast differences not just in price but in sonic presentation – making them something of a minefield for bemused buyers.

To be a most compelling yet self-effacing performer high praise indeed. Its simple single-ended Class A internals endow it with a mellifluous nature that shows just how sophisticated and enjoyable vinyl can be even at fairly affordable prices. ANT Audio owners manuals service manuals schematics catalogues and other documents are provided free of charge for personal use.

You can listen right into the mix enjoying a wonderfully delicate spacious and unspoiled sound. Is an exceptional phono stage both at the price and in its own right. Gday all Im glad to see this thread and its quite timely too as hopefully I will take ownership of an ANT Kora 3T phono stage shortly.

I opt to audition it with one of the most trusty hi-fi components in my system. Only three field-effect transistors FETs are used per channel hence 3T in the name single-ended class A passive RIAA equalisation local negative feedback what is called. The thing that became really obvious to me was the division of the contenders into two camps based on presentational style.

Alex Nikitin is one of hi-fis best kept secrets. Daviss Kind of Blue I found the Kora 3T Ltd. Not many know his name but he is widely respected in the industry as the gifted audio engineer behind many of Creek Audios products for much of the nineties and noughties.

I have used my ANT Audio Kora 3T SE phono stage for nearly 15 years and compared it. The unit isnt exactly lavishly finished but has a high-quality feel nonetheless. AUDIO KORA 3T LTD 775 This comes in a rather unassuming black extruded aluminium box measuring just 48x91x133mm and tipping the scales at a bare kilogram.

The Kora 3T is a neat little design one that frees itself from the usual high gain plus feedback topology intrinsic to the integrated circuits found in most solid-state. Audio was founded by Alex Nikitin a company focusing on quality Hi-Fi equipment for enthusiasts ANT Menu News About Philosophy Reviews Links Contact Modifications Tape Recording Ant4066 Alignment Tapes Manuals Library Circuit Ideas Services Products. T his group was a very mixed bag and contained a few surprises.

Audios Kora 3T Ltd. ANT Audio Kora 3T Ltd. Trouble is because it doesnt add and brightness or zing the Kora can sound dull in average systems you need a really incisive and transparent system to really hear its ability.

Most 1000 phono stages dont give you the transparency of the Kora 3T Ltd. Audio wwwant-audiocouk FOR – natural fluid musicality – smooth velvety tonality – image depth and width – fine detail retrieval AGAINST – underwhelming looks FREQUENCY RESPONSE DISTORTION REFERENCE SYSTEM Sony TT-S8000Origin Live Silver Ortofon Rohman turntable Icon Audio PS3 phono stage Sugden IM4 integrated. I felt that it lived up to the reputation it has earned in the pages of this magazine.

I was using a lot of MM-phono preamps until 1500 but ANT. Its not quite as sweet euphonic or beguiling as the very best money can buy but. Audio Kora 3T Special Edition Premium MM – phono preamplifier in excellent condition for sale.

Ive been building some simple FET audio circuitry of late and they do sound nice. Audio Kora 3T phono preamplifier First phono stage from ANT Audio is something very special. Page 7 of 7.

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